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How to Refill and Ink Art

10 - 14 - 2021




How to Use Copic Ink


An easy, step-by-step tutorial on refilling AND alcohol ink art!


Last time, we showed you the basics of Copic Ink, and how refilling your markers saves you
time, money, and the planet itself!

Now we're bringing you two awesome step-by-step tutorials,
the first one showing you how to refill your markers using Copic Ink!


Step 1: Uncap both ends of the Copic marker that you're going to refill

Step 2: Using tweezers, remove the broad (chisel) nib of the marker.

Step 3: Insert the appropriate Copic Ink color directly into the body of the marker.

Step 4: Remove the Copic Ink bottle from the marker

Step 5: Re-insert the broad (chisel) nib back into the marker

Step 6: Re-cap the marker on both sides and lay it flat on a table


Copic Ink isn't just a refill tool--you can also use Copic Ink by itself to create alcohol ink art!


Tip no. 1: Use ink colors that are in the same color group.

Tip no. 2: Practice with a variety of light inks to learn how alcohol pigments blend together

Tip no. 3: It's very helpful to have a small frame around!


Be sure to share your creations on Instagram with the tag #copicwithus for a chance to be shared on our pages!
We can't wait to see what you all make using Copic Ink!


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